What is Bantr?

Bantr is an entertainment-focused social media company connecting users with diverse perspectives, but similar television viewership habits, in order to have meaningful discussions about the content they consume.

On the Phone

The Problem

Our Solution

Viewers face increasing challenges to their ability to engage with other fans about content that they watch. While viewers have never had more options to watch programs at their personal leisure, the convenience and choice have come with a price. 

Bantr is a structured discussion platform, sorting and filtering users by the shows they watch and at the pace they watch them. Television was chosen as our first medium, due to its mass appeal as a leisure activity and its expansive, society reflecting, list of potential discussion topics. Users’ anonymity will be prioritized to provide a safe space to openly discuss and develop ideas.

Bantr intends to register as a public benefit corporation, encouraging pro-social behaviors while assisting a user’s self-discovery by revealing trends in their consumption and engagement. After sorting and filtering to minimize the chance of spoilers, Bantr will provide prompts sourced from stakeholders to act as icebreakers and examples for users to create their own prompts.

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