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A  Purpose Driven Social Media Company


Bantr lets you talk about the shows that you love, and connect with other people who do too. 

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We’re resurrecting the
“Water Cooler Conversation”

Bantr is a social network connecting diverse television fans with similar viewing habits, in order to have meaningful discussions about their favorite shows.

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A place to connect
and engage

Fans are at the heart of Bantr’s design. Enrich your watch experience, find community fandom in small group discussions, and discover your next favorite program.


A  purpose-driven social media company

Bantr is proudly registered as a Public Benefit Corporation. We've built a platform to promote personal growth and prosocial behavior.


Swipe through our prompts, or create your own, and start connecting with other fans.

The most talked about shows, there when you’re ready
to talk about them.


Let’s bantr.

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