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Targaryen Family Tree Deep Dive


Jul 10, 2024

If you thought keeping track of all the Starks was tough, wait until you delve into the Targaryens! With their penchant for marrying siblings, cousins, and even aunts and uncles, the Targaryen family tree is more like a tangled tumbleweed. Season 2 of 'House of the Dragon' is here, and with it comes even more drama, betrayals, and fiery sibling rivalries. But fear not, fellow fans! We've got just the tool to help you navigate the labyrinthine lineage of House Targaryen.

The Targaryen dynasty is nothing short of a soap opera with dragons. From King Viserys I's controversial decision to name his daughter Rhaenyra as heir, sparking a civil war, to the infamous Dance of the Dragons that pitted siblings against each other, it's a wild ride. Did you know that the family’s complicated dynamics have been the cause of some of the bloodiest conflicts in Westeros? Now, thanks to HBO’s comprehensive [character guide](, you can finally make sense of who’s who.

Imagine trying to explain to a friend that Daemon, who marries his niece Rhaenyra, is also her second cousin. Or that Aegon II, who battles his half-sister for the Iron Throne, is also her step-brother. It’s no wonder even the most die-hard fans need a little help untangling the branches of this family tree.

We’ve posted a detailed infographic of the Targaryen family tree on our site, highlighting key events and relationships. This visual aid is perfect for those moments when you’re scratching your head, wondering how Rhaenyra is related to Jon Snow (spoiler: she’s his great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother).

So, next time you’re watching 'House of the Dragon' and you can’t remember who’s plotting against whom, just refer to our handy guide. Trust us, it’ll make your viewing experience much more enjoyable.

Can't keep track of all the Targaryens? Here's a helpful tool to unravel the mysteries of the bloodline. Happy watching, and may your dragon-riding be confusion-free!

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